Our fitness trampoline classes offer the ultimate cardio workout in a unique environment.

Jump Street has an exciting selection of fitness classes to cater for all abilities that are guaranteed to put the fun back into exercise! So if you’re fed up of wasting your monthly gym membership then jump aboard and have a go.

Our classes are packed full of high intensity, moderate-impact cardio workouts that blast your core, improve all-over muscle tone and lift your heart rate. To find out when our fitness classes are running, please check our timetable, as there’s something to suit most busy schedules. Classes are 45 minutes unless otherwise stated.

From all-welcome general fitness programmes to intense workouts, our friendly and supportive team at Jump Street are here to encourage you in your journey, so book yourself in to one of our classes today and discover how we can change your perception of fitness once and for all!

You burn more calories bouncing for 10 minutes than you do jogging for 30 minutes – and best of all, trampolining places less strain on your joints. Studies show that an hour of jumping on a trampoline burns over 1000 calories. It’s the best cardio you will ever enjoy!  Please note that you must be at least 14 years of age to attend our trampoline fitness classes.

Minimum age 12 years old to attend Jump Fitness classes.



Let the fantastic Townsend Twins marshal you back to full fitness with our Jump Street meets Boot Camp class, suitable for all fitness levels. Class time: 45 mins


Bolster your core strength with this High Intensity Interval Training that is designed to push you to burn off calories, tone up and improve your  metabolismClass time: 45 mins


These sessions offer a good 45-minute full body workout, using your own bodyweight and supplied equipment. You’ll also run through some energetic trampoline moves to burn off those stubborn areas. All abilities are welcome. Class time: 45 mins



This workout challenges every muscle. We’ve devised easy to follow, choreographed routines to music. All levels of fitness welcome. The emphasis is to bring your sense of fun! Class time: 45 mins


Bolster your core strength with this High Intensity Interval Training that is designed to push you to burn off calories, tone up and improve your metabolism. Class time: 45 mins (please note Townsend Twins are only available at our Colchester park)


1.    Fun Way of Losing Weight and Keeping Fit
Trampoline exercise is known to be more effective than jogging, 1 hour on a trampolining, will burn more calories than a person
jogging for an hour.

2.    Improves the functioning of the Immune System
•    Fights infections in the body.
•    Boosts immunity.
•    Removes toxins.
•    Helps to slow down the ageing process.

3.  Strengthens Skeletal System
Trampoline exercise strengthens bone density which helps in the prevention of conditions like osteoporosis. It strengthens joints, tendons and ligaments, which may also help in decreasing the chances of suffering from certain forms of arthritis.

4.    Exercise the body without putting excess pressure on the feet and legs
Jumping or jogging on the trampoline is more effective because you can exercise for a longer period without
feeling fatigued or feeling pressure on your joints.

5.    Reduces body fat and increases muscle to fat ratio trampoline exercises firms the legs, thighs, abdomen, arms and hips, increase agility and improving the sense of

6.    Provides low impact, safe cardiovascular exercise. the impact is absorbed by the trampoline surface and the risk of injuring muscle and fibres are reduced.



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