Essex’s first Clip n Climb – available only at Jump Street!

Think you’ve got what it takes to reach the top of our very own climbing wall in Chelmsford? Clip n Climb is 55 minutes of stunning, action packed entertainment that provides loads of healthy yet challenging fun for everyone!

We’ve put together an exhilarating combination of 32 individually themed climbing challenges for Essex thrill seekers, including 3 Extreme Challenges: the Stairway to Heaven, the Leap of Faith and the Vertical Drop Slide. With the Stairway to Heaven, you step up on a spiral of vertical columns that increase in height to the top column which is 7 metres high. You are then lowered safely to the ground on an Auto Belay system.

On the Leap of Faith, you climb a ladder to a platform that’s up to 5 metres high, then jump from the platform like a trapeze artist to catch a swing or an inflatable punch bag! With the Vertical Drop Slide, you are hoisted up the slide to a height of 8 metres. You then let go and slide down to the bottom of the slide – and as its name suggests, the slide is vertical at the top!

Please make sure to turn up 45 minutes in advance of your booking. To keep Clip’n Climb a safe and fun activity for all, every climber must undergo a mandatory safety briefing directly prior to their climbing session. Please also make sure that closed toe shoes are worn at all times. 

Clip n Climb is available to 4 years and older, height restrictions are measured without shoes. Please also note that extreme challenges will close 10 minutes to the hour. 




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